The BrandStrength Members’ Club

(aka Lori in your Back Pocket)

There’s more to a business than a website! Let’s keep you connected and moving forward with exclusive access to masterclasses and a community of go-getters! I’ll be there to support you in your website-building efforts, and bring you valuable workshops and trainings to help you master the art of marketing an online business.

Tech Support

Building a website all by yourself can be a lonely and slightly scary thing to do. You don’t have to attempt it alone!

If you run into anything that you need help with, you can send a request for tech support and get the assistance you need. 

Monthly Live Q&A Calls

Get your questions answered face-to-face during one of the 2 monthly Live Q&A calls for members.

Whether your question is about website building, copywriting, marketing, or some other topic, bring it to the 2 monthly Live Q&A calls so you can discuss your thoughts and get those questions answered.

Members’ Community

Borrow the brains of those in the community! Two heads are better than one, and bouncing ideas off each other is a luxury many solo-working entrepreneurs don’t have.

You don’t even have to have Facebook to participate in group discussions. We’ll have a forum where you can post your questions, offer feedback, give and receive support, and grow within a community of go-getters.

Monthly (Or More) Workshops

There’s more to building a great business than having a great website. We’ll advance our knowledge together through workshops that will all be FREE within the membership.

There will be at least 1 monthly workshop that you’ll receive each month. Topics will include web design tips & tutorials, online marketing, mastering your messaging, improving your offerings, copywriting, and so much more.

Request Custom Workshops

Building a business as a solopreneur is a lot to take on. There’s so much to learn, and so few people (sometimes it’s just YOU) to accomplish everything.

Don’t spend your valuable time on endless Google searches looking for helpful information. Let me know that you’d like to learn something and I’ll put it in the list of workshops we’ll do. 

If it’s not within my area of expertise, I’ll reach out to one of the hundreds of other amazing marketing and tech whizzes I know and we’ll bring them in.

Continuous Addition to Your Divi Library

Divi is great for importing lots of pre-styled elements. But they don’t show you how to change each element so it works on your site.

Members will receive continuously updated Divi element files AND video tutorials of how to customize those elements so they match the look and feel of YOUR website.

Who is This Membership Best For?

This option is best for you if you:

  • Have started building your website but still have some work to do and you’d like to have guidance from a professional web designer as you continue building
  • Are building an online business and know there’s a lot to learn (and put in place) about marketing, systems, and getting everything done as a 1-person workforce (or 2 or 3 people…there’s still a TON to get done)
  • Love the thought of building something for yourself but don’t love the thought of doing everything BY yourself
  • Would like direction and accountability so you can manage the work you’re doing and not let it overrun every other aspect of your life

Ready to get started?

There is no limit to how many people can join the membership, but the registration for it will close on Wednesday, April 15th.

Why am I closing it? Because constantly allowing people into, welcoming them in, and getting them situated within a membership program takes time and energy. And I don’t want to split my focus. I want to pour all my energy and love into the members who join and give them my all.

Because new materials are going to constantly be added to the membership area, the value of the membership will increase over time. The price of the membership will go up as the value increases. However, all founding members (that’s you) will never pay more than $39 a month as long as you remain an active member.

Once you join the membership, you’ll have access to the members’ area, where you can request support, see all Live Q&A call schedules and links, converse in the forum (once it’s built), and access all workshops.

I’m ready to get cozy in your pocket!

Sorry, this offer is currently closed.

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