Raise your hand if you’re a service provider with big dreams of changing people’s lives but also

Feel frustrated by your feast-or-famine income situation

Wonder why it seems so hard to build a profitable business

Dread or completely avoid sales conversations because you feel like a fraud

Fear that your potential and knowledge are going to be forever wasted

Now imagine owning a business that…

Easily attracts the exact right people who need your help AND see the value in what you offer

Makes a BIG difference in the lives of those you serve

Brings in higher revenue and produces results that make your clients shout your name from the rooftops

You can’t stop talking about because your confidence in the results your clients get is un-freaking-shakeable

Here’s the thing…

You CAN have that kind of business. The only reason you don’t RIGHT NOW is that you started before you were ready (which we should ALL do because it’s impossible to feel totally ready).  But now that you’ve gotten a few pieces of your marketing puzzle in place, you’re not sure what’s working FOR YOU and what’s working AGAINST YOU.

But I’ve got good news for you.

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can help.

It’s a monthly program for coaches, consultants, and other professional service providers who want to reach more of the people they’re destined to help and finally hit their revenue goals.

When you join BRANDSchool, you’ll:

  • discover what the marketing pros know and do when they market their own businesses, 
  • gain access to a library of the exact same resources, templates, and tools I use with my 1:1 and group clients (who pay a minimum of $197/mo to work with me) so you never have to start from scratch when creating new offerings or marketing materials,
  • get LIVE coaching each month so you’re never left to figure it all out on your own,
  • and understand simple ways to elevate your offerings and make your brand irresistible…

…so you can stop worrying about ever having to throw in the towel on your business and your dreams.

For Just $47 $7* a Month!

*limited-time pricing

And just to be clear, when we talk about your brand, we’re talking about a whole lot more than your logo, color palette, and font choices. We’re talking about the ESSENCE of your business. The experience you create for your audience & customers.

*limited-time pricing

You don’t have to sign a contract and there’s no minimum monthly commitment. You can cancel ANYTIME.

Support When You Need It

Monthly LIVE coaching calls and our Facebook Community are there for you so that you don’t stay in overwhelm or have to figure everything out for yourself.

Avoid the Mistakes Others Make

Many newer entrepreneurs try to swipe practices from others without truly understanding what to do. My deep-dive masterclasses give you ALL the deets.

Business Growth Built In

You’ll get reminders of small actions you can take to strengthen your business so you don’t have to remember to do everything yourself.

More Confidence & Higher Rates

Fear of selling will be a distant memory once you understand how to offer something that’s unique and better than other solutions.

What You Get For Just $47 $7*/Month…

*limited-time pricing

Checking items off a to-do list

A Done-For-You Weekly Action Plan So You Can:

  • Get started strengthening your brand immediately instead of spending hours/days/weeks researching, evaluating, planning, scheduling, and still having to take an action!
  • Spend as little as 5 minutes a week taking one action that will strengthen your brand
  • Ditch that nagging feeling that you know you “should” work ON your business can’t ever find time to do it

Resources, Templates & Guides That Fast-Track Your Progress

  • 15 Easy-to-Create List Builders
  • Subject Line Swipe File
  • “Build Your Website Right” Checklist
  • My Ideal Client Worksheet
  • How to Generate Content Ideas
  • Nurture Sequence Guide
  • Compelling Positioning Statement Guide
  • Sales Page Template
  • WordPress Website Care Guide
  • How to Hold Market Research Calls
  • and MUCH MORE!
Computer screen with templates
Live Zoom call screenshot

LIVE Monthly Coaching Calls So You Can:

  • Workshop your messaging and start easily grabbing the attention of your dream clients
  • Ask for advice about any task that is keeping you STUCK
  • “Borrow Lori’s brain” and stop spinning your wheels due to indecision

Increased Confidence In:

  • Your offerings because you know they’re better than your competition’s offerings
  • Selling because you fully believe in the results you can help your clients achieve
  • Marketing with easy-to-use formulas and templates that increase conversion
  • Mastering the tech tools that can make you want to throw your computer at the wall
Woman feeling confident after task is done


The Irresistible High-Value Offering Formula™ training which includes…


A SIMPLE-to-Understand Framework

that will show you how to create a unique offering that turns the right heads.


My Messaging Success Secret

of describing your offering in way that makes it a no-brainer to your perfect clients.


The Piece Missing From Most Offers

that can easily make the difference between an enthusiastic YES and an “I need to think about it.”


A Repeatable System

that you can use for every new offering you create to make it high-value and unique.

*limited-time pricing

You don’t have to sign a contract and there’s no minimum monthly commitment. You can cancel ANYTIME.

Why You Should Join Now

You’ve seen others in your industry crushing it. You know it’s possible to make massive amounts of money while you add value to your clients’ lives in massive ways. It’s the best of both worlds.

The potential is there.

So…let’s say you’re averaging somewhere around $2K per month, even if it’s a bit inconsistent.

While that might not be a bad start, your dream is to make much more than that. If your dream revenue minimum is $10K per month, then it’s costing you at least $8K per month to do nothing.

If you don’t take hold of the reins and make some changes in your business that make a difference in your bottom line, it’s essentially costing you $96K per year!

What We Cover in BrandSchool

There’s a common saying in online marketing that gets a lot of people in trouble. While there is merit in the saying, if applied incorrectly, it actually causes people to throw in the towel before they even know if they could have built something amazing.

The saying is “Start before you’re ready.”

Many people interpret that as starting EVERYTHING before they’re ready. Including paying for traffic.

But that’s a big mistake for two reasons.

First of all, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll create ads that convert right out of the gate. So that means paying for advertising that yields no results. And that’s a complete WASTE of time and money.

Second of all, if the advertising does actually work, it’s likely to bring an influx of clients that you’re not fully prepared to serve. That causes overwhelm for you, and less than desirable results for your clients. No bueno.

In BrandSchool, I show you how to make money in your business WHILE you build the foundation of your business. This sets you up for success, gives you the experience you need to have in order to create unique, high-value, irresistible offerings and sell them with confidence.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how we will get you there.

BrandSchool Success Path

Are you ready to create a head-turning brand?

*limited-time pricing

You don’t have to sign a contract and there’s no minimum monthly commitment. You can cancel ANYTIME.

Who’s Behind

All This BS

Don’t let that sweet smile fool you…Lori Reeves is combat trained.  She has combined 20+ years of experience in the National Guard (doing something most people don’t even know exists in the military!) with over a decade of online marketing experience to create a one-of-a-kind method of developing a unique and high-valued signature offering.

She’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs who were so on fire about the change that they wanted to make in the world that they dove into online business with both feet…only to find that there’s a whole lot more needed to run a successful online business than passion.

She’s a single mom who considers herself a fun-loving, goofy, always laughing “never found a mold she actually FIT in” kind of person. And she’s proud to teach her son that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

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Years of Experience

of Clients

*limited-time pricing

You don’t have to sign a contract and there’s no minimum monthly commitment. You can cancel ANYTIME.